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Expect quality, service, experience and plain language from one of the UK’s leading experts in Home Improvements



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Expect quality, service, experience and plain language from one of the UK’s leading experts in Home Improvements. Newframe are highly experienced in both Solar Glazing and Double Glazed windows and doors and offer the leading technology fitted as standard from both Industries.

Proud to represent, promote and install Solar Glazed PV panels in both Transparent and Semi-transparent versions from award-winning Polysolar – the UK’s leading Solar Technology Company to residents and Business alike, we offer unparalleled knowledge of the built environment that combines aesthetics with performance and a sustainable heart.

Newframe – Serving Homeowners and Commercial Sectors alike
Our highly skilled teams have the expertise and experience to design, supply and install solar glazing, double glazing and home improvement products which supply power, improve appearance, reduce noise levels and increase security and efficiency for homeowners and commercial projects across the UK.

Newframe has the products, experience and level of service to help you make the right decisions and leave you happy, assured of having made the right choice, and where possible, with money in your pocket.


Enjoy your garden the healthy Solar way. We offer advice that works best for your property and your needs


Award winning crystalline silicon captures and absorbs the sun rays and converts the energy into power to be used or stored


Solar Glass has almost endless possibilities – it’s 2 products in 1 and an investment that never stops giving you power


BASED ON Semi-transparent Glazing option

Small house

Single Carport
No of panels 8
Annual production 3270kWh

Annual Saving £1,200
Monthly saving £100

Smart Battery 5kW

A small home will consume about 4 kilowatts per day on average over a year

Medium house

No of panels 10
Annual production 4061kWh

Annual Saving £1,500
Monthly Saving £125

Smart Battery 6kW

A medium home will consume about 8 kilowatts per day

Large house

Double Carport
No of panels 14
Annual production 5685kWh

Annual saving £2,100
Monthly Saving £175

Smart Battery 10kW

A large home will consume 10-12kilowatts or more per day

Average figures based on 37p/kW i.e. the Energy Price Cap.

Save money, Save the Planet & be Energy Independent!