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How it works

Unlike other companies in the UK Solar market, NewFrame can offer a range of solar products that can be specified to suit people’s lifestyles, needs and budgets far better than just placing panels onto the roof of their property, although we can do that too!. NewFrame’s solar solutions for your home include Solar Verandas/Canopies & Roof Structures – Pergolas – Carports – Balustrades and Garden structures such as Conservatories, Garden rooms & Greenhouses as well as Windows & Doors– coming soon!.

/ NewFrame Solar Glazing
/ NewFrame Solar Glazing

Solar installations are now VAT free

Solar is one of the only products you can purchase for your property that will start to reimburse you on the money it costs from day one and so it is imperative we make sure to understand your needs as best possible so as to advise products that will perform at their best and are tailored around your specific requirements as a household, ensuring you are spending the right money for the right return on your investment. In addition, since May of last year, domestic Solar installations are now VAT free which represents a 20% saving over other glazing home improvements.

Custom-built solar structures

Here at Newframe  we offer and install our own, custom-built solar structures and glazing systems. These new systems have been designed with the ability to install variations of photovoltaic glass giving customer several cosmetic options as well as varying power performances for your glazed structure.


How does Solar work?

Sunlight is infinite (at least for the next few billion years) and reliable. We would never have to dig up one more lump of coal if we could make the most of the sun’s rays every day and it is the fastest growing renewable power source being harnessed in the World today.
Solar panels and photovoltaic glass work by absorbing sunlight with photovoltaic cells, generating direct current (DC) energy and then converting it to usable alternating current (AC) energy with the help of inverter technology. AC energy then flows through the home’s electrical panel and is distributed accordingly. Fully installed in a couple of days, the VAT free installation will start paying for itself immediately. More adaptable, our Solar Glass allows you installation without requiring a suitable roof space, and in most cases our solar structures don’t need planning permission. NewFrame's Solar Glazing & Smart Battery will reduce your energy bills, save you money and get you energy independence.

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What is a Smart Battery System?

Smart Battery systems have multiple benefits; they will store excess energy produced by your system in the daytime for later use. Once the battery is full it will sell energy back to the Grid on your behalf which you will receive credits for from your energy provider. It will monitor the price on the Grid and will download power if your battery requires it when it is at its cheapest point, thus allowing you to use this power at a later stage when the grid price is at a higher price or at its peak. They significantly increase the performance of your installed solar system thus reducing your energy bills and reliance on the Grid. For example, if you are not at home during the day your solar system will still be generating power which is not being used, without a Smart battery system and inverter this electricity will be pushed back to the grid free of charge. If you opt to have a Smart battery system your power generated during the day is stored and ready to use for when you return home when energy usage is at its peak as well as being able to sell your surplus energy back to the grid when the battery is full. Your Smart battery also has the ability to monitor of electricity from the grid and charge itself should the cost of electricity fall below as selected price.

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How does Solar Glass work?

NewFrame transparent photovoltaic glass forms the fabric of structure like bus shelters, generating clean renewable electricity even in low or ambient light levels. Our glass is made up of functional layers within laminated glazing. The pixelated photovoltaic layer which generates electricity while remaining visually clear is encapsulated within two layers of transparent conductive coatings that form the electrodes. Allowing a percentage of light through the glass, making it appear clear, allowing light absorption by the active layer which converts the photons’ energy into electricity. Electrical energy then passes into wiring hidden within the conventional glazing framework.

What products do we offer -Transparent Photovoltaic Glazing

Transparent see-through

Transparent see-through Cadmium Telluride (CdTe) thin-film Photovoltaic technology.  Colourless/grey/black pixelated appearance.  Available in range of transparencies, (10% opaque to 80% light transmission.  Standard panel dimension 1200mm x 600mm x 7.1mm. Full range of colour laminates or coatings available on request.  Efficiency from 12% or 118Wp/m².

Semi Transparent

Semi Transparent Monocrystalline Silicon (c-Si) photovoltaic technology.  All Black square silicon cells embedded in a transparent glass laminate.  Available in range of transparencies and/or with back white or black film.  Standard panel 10% light transmission and dimension 1049mm x 1770mm x 7.1mm (60 cell). Full range of coatings available on request. Efficiency from 20% and up to 350Wp/m².