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Bespoke Double Glazing Windows

High security, energy efficient and sustainable double glazed windows can significantly enhance your home – in terms of thermal performance, acoustic insulation and maintenance.

Our high quality double glazing keeps the weather out, whilst keeping heat in. This means that any room that is framed by our double glazing will be usable all year round.

Double glazing fitted by Newframe’s expert team of window installers can change your home for the better. Living spaces become more comfortable thanks to the removal of cold spots and draughts.

By reducing the escape of heat, heating bills will be reduced too! For example, replacing a completely single glazed detached house with A rated double glazing could save you £160 a year.

Innovative Designs For The Highest Performance

Newframe only use the highest quality double glazing. Our double-glazed windows not only make your home feel warm and cosy, but they can transform the look of your property completely, with modern frame materials, finished and sizes to fit all homes.

This ensures that we can provide cost-effective home improvements for you and your family. It is the following features that help to enhance your living spaces:

  • Two panes of glass, separated by a spacer bar to retain heat and keep out sound
  • Space between panes filled with air or argon gas which prevents condensation and aids insulation
  • Stylish glass panels that require little maintenance and will improve the overall outlook of your home
  • Each double-glazed windows is A-rated as standard
Shut Out Unwanted Sound

As well as helping to achieve excellent heat retention, double glazing also deliver a high level of sound insulation to help dampen outside noise. This makes them the perfect choice to improve the overall feeling of your home and the health of your family. We are experts at fitting sound reducing acoustic windows and glass, and offer a range of sound-reducing window options.

Opt for Double Glazing

Our double glazing can be incorporated into any of our fantastic home improvement products. Enhance your homes with new double glazed sash or casement windows, create a new living space with a conservatory, or simply enhance your existing windows with replacement glass.</p> <p>Gain peace of mind that our expert team of window installers will enhance your living spaces for the better, and give your home the new lease of life it may need.

Are You Looking To Fit New Double Glazing?

At Newframe we have a wide range of double glazed window options for homes in West Sussex and across the South East. Find out more by calling us on 01903 244 449 or send us a message.

Our products & services

Newframe offer a full Design, Manufacture and Build Project Management service. We offer technical advice that works best for your property and your needs and our range of Solar Carports are the only ones available on the UK market today

Newframe’s products integrate into your existing home and way of life in a way that delivers best-in-class performance at the best price for endless power and lower energy costs from Day 1


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