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Over 20 Reasons to Install Solar Glazing

Sunlight is infinite (at least for the next few billion years) and reliable. We would never have to dig up one more lump of coal if we could make the most of the sun’s rays every day and it is the fastest-growing renewable power source being harnessed in the World today.

Get Energy Independent – Turn your Home into a Power Station!

Solar Glazing Saves You Money

From Day 1 you are generating some, if not ALL, of your own power – reducing your energy bills immediately

Solar Glazing helps Save the Planet

It’s a Renewable Energy

source – the sun comes up every day and solar energy conversion works from daylight, not just sunlight, plus it’s double-sided as it’s glass! Solar is eco-friendly, reduces carbon consumption and is a great green legacy for our kids

Gives you FREE power

Solar Glazing, once its paid for, gives you FREE power for the next 30 years minimum guaranteed, no matter how much energy prices rise

Reduce your carbon emissions by 4.7%

Solar Glazing can reduce your own home’s carbon emissions by 4.7% or more, making you more energy efficient and making you part of the solution, not the problem – something to smile about.

Solar Glazing is an investment

Solar Glazing is an investment, not a cost and will pay for itself – it is shown to increase your home’s value by 5% and house-hunters are now requesting it. Average UK house price is c. £315k – Your Increase in house value is therefore c. £15,750 in 2023 alone, helping offset the cost should you move.

Solar glass is such a great idea! Why has no one done this before?

Photovoltaics have been around for a decade or so in commercial applications, but no one in the UK have offered a domestic canopy until now and they are only available from us

Are Solar glass canopies as powerful as roof mounted panels?

Yes, if not more so, at 375w per square metre, ours are some of the most powerful on the market

Do the canopies come in other colours?

Yes, aluminium can be finished in any colour. Our oak canopies weather with time and are treated but unpainted.

Do the canopies need planning permission?

In most cases No, as the canopy is deemed a temporary structure, but we recommend you check with your local planning department

Can I take it with me when I move?

In most cases, Yes as it is a temporary structure but you will qualified contractors to dismantle the structure and sort out the electrics.

Does the glass need cleaning?

No more than normal glass. Mother Nature will wash off most dirt and dust but you may need to wash the glass with soapy water once a year

Solar Glazing is 2 products in 1

Solar Glazing is 2 products in 1 and Energy Saving Materials are VAT free – a canopy, a carport and a Home Power Station for 20% less than other home improvements

Coupled with a smart battery

Coupled with a smart battery, you can store your power for when you need it most i.e the evening, giving you more Energy Independence and less reliance on the Grid.

Reduce your bills further and Sleep Easy

Reduce your bills further and Sleep Easy – Earn a Bonus by selling your excess Solar Power back to the National Grid whilst you sleep and earn money – giving you up to 35% more payback on your solar system. – You snooze, you DON’T lose!

Nation’s energy consumption increases 60%

Our Nation’s energy consumption will increase 60% in the next decade -With so many electrical devices, EV’s and the Internet of Things, how will we all access the power we need? And how much could it cost….?

The Big Six power companies made £1BILLION

In 2021, The Big Six power companies made £1BILLION Pre-tax profits (that’s before last year’s price rises) yet energy supply has not been more fragile since the 70’s, in the UK and globally. It’s time to take control of your home’s energy supply

Is the glass easily broken?

No – it’s made from laminated glass that has been snow load tested and wind load tested and so the whole structure has been fully tested and is compliant with UK regs

Can I put it straight on top of a flat roof?

Not really, as it depends on how strong the roof is and what size it is, but we will check first

How hot is it underneath?

The mono crystalline filters out heat as well as UV rays so it is a much cooler space, but the warmth of a summer’s day will still come in from the open sides

Can I take and install a canopy abroad?

Yes – you will need to find an accredited electrician and installers capable of installing it though. We are RECC (Renewable Energy Consumer Code) and MCS Product certified. Please call us for help

Can blinds be fitted to the sides?

Yes, we offer these as extras

Does it come with a battery?

Batteries come in various sizes based according to the power you generate and need and are sold in addition to the canopy. We recommend you buy a battery at the same time as they are then also VAT Free

The cost of solar is 82% cheaper than it was a decade ago and energy bills are 100% higher- Now is the time for Solar. It will help you Save money, Save the Planet, Get You Energy Independent and help turn your house into a Home Power Station.

Our products & services

Newframe offer a full Design, Manufacture and Build Project Management service. We offer technical advice that works best for your property and your needs and our range of Solar Carports are the only ones available on the UK market today

Newframe’s products integrate into your existing home and way of life in a way that delivers best-in-class performance at the best price for endless power and lower energy costs from Day 1

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Aluminium, PVCu and timber in every style