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Solar Glazing from NewFrame

Solar Glazing – the next generation of solar panels for carports, canopies, conservatory rooves, greenhouses and poolhouses, giving you renewable power and practical performance in your home as well as the ability to reduce your energy bills immediately and offset the cost in a matter of years.

Solar glazing is a renewable, carbon-free, environmentally-friendly and totally useable glazing product that will substantially reduce your energy bill whilst also providing an aesthetic and useful addition to your home. Solar is also VAT free and guaranteed to increase your home’s value and with the rising cost of energy will start to pay for itself even sooner than ever.

Allowing natural light through

The glass operates in the same way as roof-mounted solar panel technology and are just as powerful, but lighter, prettier and with the added benefit of allowing natural light through to the area underneath – perfect for a canopy, as well as some being double sided and able to absorb light from all angles.

Available in the UK’s only transparent or a semi-transparent patchwork solar glass, in several transparency levels, our laminated glass units are tough and designed to withstand all that the elements can throw at them.

As a solar carport, you can charge up your electric car whilst also powering your home.

As a solar canopy, you can more safely and healthily enjoy the summer sun outside and keep your drinks cool!

The applications for Solar glazing are endless – Carports, Verandas, Greenhouses; conservatories; porches; swimming pool enclosures; awnings; outdoor kitchen pergolas and garden equipment stores can all benefit from solar glazing, plus install a smart battery and invertor and store the power you generate, meaning if you’re out all day, you still have power at your fingertips when you get home.


BASED ON Semi-transparent Glazing option

Small house

Single Carport
No of panels 8
Annual production 3270kWh

Annual Saving £1,200
Monthly saving £100

Smart Battery 5kW

A small home will consume about 4 kilowatts per day on average over a year

Medium house

No of panels 10
Annual production 4061kWh

Annual Saving £1,500
Monthly Saving £125

Smart Battery 6kW

A medium home will consume about 8 kilowatts per day

Large house

Double Carport
No of panels 14
Annual production 5685kWh

Annual saving £2,100
Monthly Saving £175

Smart Battery 10kW

A large home will consume 10-12kilowatts or more per day

Average figures based on 37p/kW i.e. the Energy Price Cap.

Our products & services

Newframe offer a full Design, Manufacture and Build Project Management service. We offer technical advice that works best for your property and your needs and our range of Solar Carports are the only ones available on the UK market today

Newframe’s products integrate into your existing home and way of life in a way that delivers best-in-class performance at the best price for endless power and lower energy costs from Day 1

Semi-transparent solar glass garden canopy


Solar Carports

Aluminium, PVCu and timber in every style



Aluminium, PVCu and timber in every style