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Installation of a Transparent Solar Ladder roof system

Installation of a Transparent Solar Ladder roof system into pre-prepared roof  – 3.46Kw/Hourly Peak. Stratford-u-Avon

We installed a 8.1m x 5m Grey Polysolar Aluminium Landscape Ladder Roof System glazed with x54 7.8mm PS-CT-64 Transparent Solar Laminate Glazing into a pre prepared roof structure with box gutter. With the Solis 4.4kw Grid linked Invertor, the power performance will be 3.46kw/Peak. We also installed X2 Aluminium 10mm Thermal Panels fitted above the customer’s Pizza Oven to allow for flu installation. Lead works & Gable Ends were installed by the customer’s builder and we supplied and installed the Aluminium ridge capping.